Features For Our Custom Meal Planner

Meta Nutrition designs custom nutrition plans instantly, helping you smash your fitness goals. Every meal is tailored to the body type, fitness activity, macros, and backed by registered dietitians. Meta Nutrition streamlines your meal planning process

Nutritional Focused

Every meal is customizable, focused on your nutrition, using government support foods, ensuring you get the daily nutritional requirements. Never question what to eat again

Smart Weightloss Meal Planner and More

Meta Nutrition’s meal planner removes the dread of planning your healthy meals. Just input your info and start enjoying the food you love. Each meal is customized to your body, selected diet style, your allergies, and what foods you love or dislike.

Extensive Database

Over 12,000 lab-analyzed foods with detailed nutrition facts to ensure our tracker is as accurate as possible. You can personalize your database with custom foods anytime you wish.

Easy Meals

Each meal is easy to prepare, tailored to your goals. Simply click, cook, and enjoy the food you love. It’s that effortless!

Backed By Dietitians

Our algorithm sorts out the healthiest foods with the help of registered dietitians to make sure you’re getting the best out of your diet.

Personalized Diet Plans

Input your exact details, select a diet, and food preferences to create meal plans specifically designed for you.

Designed for Everyone

Our system is quick to start, easy to navigate, and we make nutrition simple for anyone looking to improve their lives.

Automatic Nutrient Tracker

Macro-nutrients such as fat, protein, and carbohydrates are calculated in full for the day. No more stressing over eating too many carbs or not enough protein!


Upload your favorite recipes for the community to use in their personal meal plans, or browse our collection of recipes submitted by other users for fun new ideas in your own food journey

Family Integration

Coming soon - Input dietary information from all people in your household to the meal plan generator to ensure when sitting down to eat every meal is perfect for everyones needs.

Grocery lists & Pantry tracking

Get grocery list that match your meal plans & update your pantry. Buy all ingredients directly from the app via AmazonFresh to make your process that much easier!