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Backed by government resources and registered dietitians, create custom diet plans based on your tailored food preferences, dietary restrictions, and unique health and fitness goals

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We'll automatically create custom meal plans to match your dietary needs. Generate easy diets to follow for weight loss, gaining muscle, maintaining weight all adapted to fit your flexible lifestyle.



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Smart Meal Plan Generator

Our custom meal planner creates diet plans based on your dietary restrictions, food preferences, week schedule, and custom foods. Let us handle all the tedious work with our calorie calculator, automated macros tracker, smart grocery lists, and more!


Nutrition Facts

Covering over 12,000 lab-analyzed foods, including macros and micronutrients. Find healthy foods to eat everyday and achieve your health goals


Easy Meals

Auto generate meals tailored to your nutrition and diet needs. Create a custom diet plan with easy to cook meals with just one click

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Backed By Dietitians

Our algorithm is backed by registered dietitians and adapts to you, your fitness goals and what your body needs


Personalized Diet Plans

Add your own custom foods, nutrition targets, and health goals for the ultimate personalized experience

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Made For Everyone

Regardless of your skill level or knowledge when it comes to nutrition we provide easy meal prep recipes for the best personalized meal plan


Automated Food Tracker

Track what you eat automatically and keep up-to-date with your progress reports and see that you're on the best diet plan

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